MyStickies – Mark Up the Web

As a teacher, you probably frequently browse the web looking for new and creative websites to use in your classroom.  MyStickies makes organizing and using those websites easier.  When you sign up for MyStickies and download the browser extension, you have the ability to add sticky notes to websites you visit.  Maybe you want to add a reminder to use the webpage as part of your unit on The Industrial Revolution or note a specific paragraph on a longer page.

Sticky Notes for Students
MyStickies will benefit your students as well, particularly when they work on research projects.  Students can take notes as they conduct research by adding sticky notes to relevant websites.  They can use those notes to help create their research paper or easily find their references when it comes to creating a bibliography or works cited page.

Future versions of MyStickies promote even more ways to incorporate the application in the classroom.  Creators suggest sticky notes will soon be shareable with those on your friends list, giving you an opportunity to add questions for students to answer to webpages or allowing you to share webpages and comments on them with co-workers.