Navigating the Curated Human Network

 Social Media World

Living in a social media world definitely has its advantages. I know I have learned more in the last few years than the previous ten. For me, this accelerated learning is due to being connected with colleagues and being an active participant in learning networks. However, some days I hit the wall…social media overload!

If I can get overloaded with a flood of daily content, how can I expect students to cope? That’s why I propose we add to our standards and curriculum: navigating the curated human network.

Manage the Flood

Navigating the Curated Human Network Many of you already teach media literacy which is so important. It is imperative students learn to discern credible sources, both digital and non-digital. To add to this, I believe students (and all of us for that matter) need help managing social media and making it productive, not overwhelming.

By the way, I define the “curated human network” as all of the content, deemed important by a human, posted on any sort of blog or social media tool, that you subscribe to or consume. Rightly or wrongly, I view an article on CNN differently than a post on a forum. A post by a friend on my Facebook wall is part of my curated human network; an article on the Huffington Post is not.


If you have tips for managing your curated human network, either for yourself or for teaching your students, please post a comment below.ook, etc. I turn off email notifications (because I was getting a zillion a day) and make a concerted effort to visit my network on my terms.

I use an aggregator, NetVibes, and try to have my network viewable at a glance. I could not manage without an aggregator! Finally, I only add to my curated human network if it meets my personal litmus test. For example, “Will this social network help me grow professionally?” If it doesn’t pass muster, I don’t bother.

Whatt do you to sat in control of the flood of content? Please post a comment. Make sure you visit the educational technology blog Teach Amazing soon!