Peerbackers – Fund Your Projects

Peerbackers is a tool for finding funding for entrepreneurial endeavors. Through this tool, people with products and business startup ideas submit project ideas and, if they are approved, they submit  a video overview and plea for funding, then begin to seek backers for the project. People who fund the project may be friends, family members, community members and total strangers who have an interest in the project. In exchange for their donations, backers receive a tangible reward. Project deadlines range between 15 and 60 days.

PeerBackers - Teach Amazing

Peerbackers and Education

Your students have ideas. Instead of brushing off those ideas or encouraging students to pursue their dreams in the future, turn them into a reality now. In a business class, challenge students to come up with a new business idea and submit a project to Peerbackers. Students will learn about estimating product costs and important elements of running a successful business and will brush up their writing and persuasive skills as they seek backers.

As a teacher, you have ideas as well, but may not have the funds to see them through.  Use Peerbackers to find funding for your ideas. Maybe you want to create and sell a literary magazine to raise money to send students to writing camps or buy books for your school. Perhaps you want to start a school store to earn money for field trips and other school enrichments. With Peerbackers, you have the potential to earn money to improve the education your students receive.