It is so difficult to keep your life organized! Try Penmia


Penmia says:

Penmia is a secure, online application that allows you to capture your memories and their details in an organized manner. Penmia has bank level security and includes great features including uploading pictures and sharing your memories with friends & family!

Penmia is an online notebook that allows you to capture your memories in a fun, organized manner. Capture absolutely anything from the books you read, to the vacations you’ve experienced, to the events you’ve attended. You can categorize your memories by tabs, and memories can be organized within those tabs by using the tagging feature. You can also attach pictures to posts as well as external site links (a photo album, or lyrics to a song) for easy reference to detailed information already available online.

The best things in life are free- sunny afternoons, four leaf clovers, and even double rainbows. We want you to record all those memories here in Penmia, without shelling out any money. It’s not that hard to believe, right?

Here are some great ideas on how to use Penmia:

  • Restaurant week? Capture your favorite dishes.
  • New baby? Capture key milestones, like his first step!
  • Training for the marathon? List the miles ran to see if you met your weekly goal.
  • Budget trouble? List what you buy so you know where you’re money is going.
  • Entrepreneur? Capture your genius thoughts.