Pick the Perfect Book with Book Wizard App

Teachers and parents are often looking for books at the perfect reading level for their kiddos. This can be challenging, especially when you are not in the school library with your helpful library media specialist. I can tell you I have been in books stores (both brick and mortar and online) and had no clue if I was selecting books at the appropriate reading level.


Lexile and Grade Level Equivalent

Lexile numbers for determining reading level are fairly common. Typically, students perform a reading assessment and, among other things, a Lexile number is generated. This number can give you a good starting place for selecting books and creating reading lists. But, how do you know the Lexile number of a book?

Book Wizard AppGrade Level Equivalent is another way to measure reading level and is simple to understand. The first number is the grade and the second number is the month. So, if the GLE is 4.2, the reading level is the equivalent to fourth grade, the second month of the school year.


Book Wizard

Scholastic has a great, free app called Book Wizard that helps both teachers and parents choose just the right book. Simply scan a books barcode and voila! The Lexile number, grade level equivalent, and guided reading level are all displayed. Then, you can take it a step further by creating reading lists (you will need a free Scholastic.com account to save reading lists). Then, you can even share the lists through email or social media. Cool…right?

This app is available in both IOS and Android.