Pictotool – Create Pictograms

Pictotool is a tool for creating images by combining pictograms and text. One the images are created, they may be downloaded and used for personal or commercial use.  To create a pictogram, you fill the three boxes provided with a pictogram or other text. While the boxes are small, you may type multiple words directly into the boxes.  You also have the ability to edit the vertical placement of the words and pictograms to create a wave-like effect or make one element stand out more than the others.

Pictotool - Teach Amazing

Pictotool in the Classroom

Pictotool has a lot of uses in the classroom, particularly in lower grade levels. Use Pictotool to create small posters to display around your classroom or design simple logos for t-shirts, webpages and handouts. In addition to using Pictotool to create images for posters, handouts and webpages, you can also use Pictotool to help students read. Maybe you already use Rebus stories in the classroom. In a Rebus story, key words in the pictures are replaced with images to represent those words. Using Pictotool, you can create your own Rebus stories for students to help children build reading comprehension skills. Students may also create their own Rebus stories using the pictograms Pictotool provides. While the selection of Pictotools is limited, you and your students will still be able to come up with creative stories.