Pollmo – Simple Poll Creator

PollMo is a tool for creating surveys to embed on your website. Unlike a lot of survey applications, you do not have to create an account. When you visit the PollMo, you are instructed to enter a question, list the choices and choose a skin. After you enter you’ve entered the information, you click to add the survey to your website and are provided with a code to embed the survey on your website and a URL if you prefer to link to the survey. Included on the survey is a link to allow you to view the results of your survey.

Pollmo - Simple Poll Creator

PollMo in the Classroom

Although simple, PollMo has multiple uses in the classroom. At the beginning of the school year, PollMo offers a way to gather information about your students. By setting up a few different polls on your website, you can find out what activities your students enjoy, the type of books they like to read and whether they walk to school or ride the bus. In a math class, you may use a PollMo survey as part of a lesson plan, having students complete the survey beforehand and using the results to create graphs or teach a lesson on probability and statistics.PollMo may also be used by students. If your students have their own blogs or websites, they can add their surveys directly to their posts. Students may use PollMo to conduct research, learn about their peers and create polls just for fun.