Popplet – Visual Thinking Tool

Visual Thinking Tool

Popplet is a visual thinking and presentation tool allowing students to collaborate with one another, organize information and present information in the form of a web. Once you create an account with Popplet, you create a popplet, which is a large board to contain your ideas.

You may have up to five popplets at a time. Once you create a popplet, you add popples, boxes of text, videos, pictures, links or drawings, to your popplet. Each popple has a line on each side to drag and connect to other popples.


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Popplet in the Classroom

Popplet has multiple uses in the classroom. It works as a unique brainstorming or organizing tool when students write papers. With the ability to add links and upload videos, students can organize notes for a research paper or present their research findings.  During group research or projects, students can collaborate using Popplet to share their ideas and findings, whether at school or at home.

As a teacher, create Popplets to share links with students and colleagues. Collaborate with fellow teachers by creating Popplets to plan school events, work on interdisciplinary units or discuss strategies for improving student achievement. Because of its range of uses, you will find many ways for Popplet to fit into your classroom. Perhaps you will even create your own Popplets to show other teachers how to integrate this resources into their classrooms.

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