Check out this awesome way to create web apps in minutes. Qrimp will take your data and create an app ridiculously fast.


Qrimp says:

Qrimp is a Platform as a Service that is the shortest distance between your information and the software system you need to manage it. Qrimp looks at your data and builds web applications around it, saving you countless hours of gruelling web development efforts. Qrimp is the easiest way to import, export, collaborate on, and share your information with the world!

Reduce Costs and Time to Market

Qrimp can deliver applications in minutes or days, not weeks or months. Qrimp’s iterative, data driven development methodology lets your data build the majority of the application for you. Relational patterns are inferred from imported data or custom definitions. This powerful technology saves your organization time and money providing a nearly instant return on investment realized through higher employee productivity and optimized business processes.