SaaS Growing in Schools

“Software as a service” is making a big splash nowadays. It is making its presence felt in more and more school districts. These application service providers are behind the success of so many educational technology companies. Though these providers have been on the scene for some years now, it is just now that they have really come of age.

SAAS based applications use internet to serve the needs of their clients (in this case, students, parents and teachers) and offer them many advantages in the terms of reduced costs, more efficiency and better operational and business mobility.

These applications are being used throughout education and are truly living up to their reputation in terms of versatility and greater satisfaction of their clients. SAAS based applications are being actively used in student information services, project management, communication, customer service, inventory management, staff management, resource planning and many other fields.

SaaSBasecamp, a SAAS based provider, has been the leader in the project management field whose features have been greatly revamped in the not so recent past. Its user interface and some of its feature have been upgraded keeping in mind the changing needs of its users. But it has become a point of debate as some users are liking the change and some despising it.

Similarly a new entrant in this field, ProofHub has also gone for a great makeover in its looks and functionality. Its simple and soothing interface has become a user’s delight and its features are also getting  appreciated.

These SAAS based providers have proved to be the shot in arm for school districts. These entities have a limited budget and manpower which can be a hindrance in their daily operations. But SAAS based providers have enabled them to expand their operations to different parts in the world and win over new clients and markets. They can compete with their better placed competitors on an even footing. Thus these SAAS based providers have played a big role in the success of these institutions.

These providers have enabled schools to move out of the physical confines of their buildings and operate as “classrooms without walls.”. A school district can better reach out to to community they serve and beyond. A whole new world of opportunities has  opened to them where sky is the limit.