SnackTools – Free Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers

You probably know I love FlipSnack…it’s a web 2.0 tool to create virtual flipping books. Upload a PDF and voila! You have a super cool virtual book that works awesome on an interactive whiteboard. But, did you know FlipSnack is only one of many cool tools provided by SnackTools? Let’s take a look.

Have you ever taken photos of student projects, field trips, etc. and had a difficult time figuring out how to share with parents and the school community? No more! Just go to PhotoSnack and create a photo album for free. It’s super easy to load your images, set some design features and publish. You can add the album to your school website or even email a link.

PodSnack has some very creative classroom uses. In short, you upload audio files, such as MP3, design the player and you have a cool customized playlist. Big deal, right? Well, try this. Have your students write and narrate their own story. You can record them with Audacity. snacktools - Teach Amazing!Make sure you have your kiddos design a book cover as well. Scan or take pictures of the covers (or design online). Then, go to PodSnack and design your playlist. Share the playlists on your class webpage for all to enjoy. By the way, PodSnack is awesome for language teachers. For example, record you own playlist in Spanish and have your students translate.

Need some quick feedback? Try PollSnack! Honestly, it can’t get any easier than this. Create one of more questions and send the link to your students. Or, have the poll right on your classroom webpage. Check for understanding at the end of your lessons or asses prior knowledge before diving into a teaching unit. Or, vote on which t-shirt your class wants for field day!

I’ll write more about SnackTools soon…they have so many free tools that, with a little creativity, are perfect for the classroom.