Social Media in Education – Part 5

Twitter Alternatives

Microblogging is an excellent activity for students, however, your school may not allow Twitter. Or, if your students do not have school email accounts, it may be a challenge for students to create an actual Twitter ID. No worries! Alternatives exist that are just as good and work great for students.

No account microblogging

Without a doubt the easiest microblogging site to use in the classroom is TodaysMeet. This site is completely free and requires no accounts at all. You create a microblogging environment called a room where your students interact. It’s so easy and students love it. The assignment at the end of this lesson will walk you through creating a TodaysMeet room.

More Twitter alternatives

A few years ago, numerous Twitter-like alternatives were available. Over time, most have gone away, leaving just a few sites left. Of those remaining, here are three worth mentioning.

  • has been around for several years and provides an add-free microblogging environment very similar to Twitter. A great feature is the ability to create groups. You can easily post a message to the entire group with this format, !groupname.
  • twitter-alternativesRememble
    This website is a little difficult to get your head around but it is actually a great microblogging tool. You can create group timelines, called membles, which hold all of your students’ posts.
  • Edmodo
    Edmodo is the only website of the group that is built specifically for the classroom. This site not only works great for Twitter-like activities, it’s perfect for younger students. No email accounts are required and teachers can manage student accounts.


Give these sites a try and let us know what you think. Please post a comment below. Thank you for reading the educational technology blog Teach Amazing!