Spellodrome – Motivate Your Students to Spell


Learning how to spell can be a frustrating experience, especially for your students. With spell check on computers, autocorrect on phones and the acceptance of misspelled messages on social networking sites, most students no longer see the benefit of learning how to spell.  Spellodrome helps you change students’ attitudes about spelling and motivate them to build their spelling skills.


Not only does Spellodrome help students spell, it also improves their vocabulary by allowing them to read words in context. Spellodrome uses a variety of activities to teach students how to spell, including spelling games, practice using the dictionary, clapping out syllables, writing sentences and categorizing words. Live Spellodrome will motivate your students even more as they play spelling games while competing against students from around the world.

As your students learn to spell, you receive weekly reports summarizing their progress. You also have the ability to customize students’ word lists to focus on building spelling and vocabulary schools related to your current unit. Not only will students learn how to spell, but with their new vocabulary, they will understand more of what you discuss in the classroom.