StudyJams – Fun Help for Math and Science

When it comes to learning key math and science concepts, sometimes your students just need a little extra help.  Whether they need to see the information creatively or just read about it a little more, you search and search for alternate resources.  Your searching can stop, because StudyJams is the ideal resource when it comes to helping students understand difficult math and science concepts.

StudyJams - Fun help for math and science

Sponsored by Scholastic, StudyJams provides students with the opportunity to review information in creative ways.  Interactive slideshows allow students to review information and quizzes are available after each slideshow to allow them to test what they have learned. Your more creative or musical students will enjoy singing karaoke and learning fun songs to help review.  Look for lessons on geometry, units of measurement and angles in the math classroom or learn about plants and the animal kingdom in the science classroom.