Tales of Things – Use QR Codes in Education

Tales of Things is really an amazing tool. It allows you to literally attach a story to any object. Here’s how it works.

Tales of Things - Web 2.0 site for educationThink about a school art gallery or any type of exhibition at your school. Parents are going to come enjoy all of the student creativity and hard work. Wouldn’t it be cool to attach a QR code to each piece of student work? For example, when a parent scans the QR code for their child’s work, a picture of the masterpiece appears along with additional descriptive information. That’s what Tale of Things can do.

After you sign up for an account, take a picture of whatever you want to tag. You might consider taking a picture of a student holding their work. Then, click “Add  Your Thing and Share Its Tales.” Fill in the information, add more descriptive text and upload the images. You can even geo-tag the image if you want.

When you are finished uploading images for your objects (in this case, student work), click Print QR Codes. Print out the codes and affix to each piece of student work. Make sure you let parents know ahead of time that QR codes will be present and they may want to download a QR code reader. When the code is scanned, the image you uploaded and the additional descriptive text will be displayed on the mobile device.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!