TerraClues – Google Maps scavenger hunt game


When you read a novel or study history, sometimes you want to give students an idea of where everything is taking place. Instead of pulling out a map or showing them a picture, give students the opportunity to discover the location for themselves.

TerraClues allows teachers to create Internet scavenger hunts, or assign already created scavenger hunts, to help students discover new places. The application uses Google Maps and Google searches to help students find the answers to the clues.  When you create hunts, you also make them available to other teachers and students throughout the world.

With TerraClues for Schools, create a private classroom to assign and store hunts for your students. If your students want to complete hunts on their own, have them join public classrooms and go through scavenger hunts created for their grade-levels.  Instead of a traditional research report or poster project, have students create their own scavenger hunts to add to your classroom.

Try a tutorial hunt today to see how much your students will learn with TerraClues.