Ticlr – Giving Gifts

Ticlr is a tool for giving gifts and motivating individuals online. Ticlr allows you to design gifts to send as messages to friends. With a TIclr account, you may create a gift to invite someone to dinner or to receive another tangible gift in person or simply give the gift of a note to say “job well done.” A public gift locker features other creative gift ideas to choose. Once you have created a gift, you send it by e-mail accompanied by a message explaining what the gift is for.Ticlr - Giving Gifts

Ticlr in the Classroom

Everyone needs a little motivation or a reason to smile every now and then, especially students. Ticlr offers a way to give it to your students and improve your classroom management at the same time. Create gifts in Ticlr for use with your own students, such as a free homework pass, a special treat or a pat on the back. E-mail those gifts to your students to reward them for positive behavior in class, a good grade on a test or just to make a student who is having a bad day smile a little.As you send gifts to your students using Ticlr, you will begin to build a positive rapport with them. Students will know you care and will be motivated to improve performance and behavior in the hopes of getting more gifts through Ticlr. Since TIclr is sent through e-mail, you can reward students in private and avoid embarrassment and jealous peers.