ToonDoo – Promote Creativity with Cartoons

Getting those budding artists and cartoonists to take an interest in the less creative subjects can be a challenge.  Ignite their curiosity and let them combine their artistic skills with the content.  Use ToonDoo  to have students create cartoons to demonstrate their learning.  Once they know they’ll be able to turn the facts into a fun cartoon, they will be more likely to be engaged.

ToonDoo offers other ways to engage your creative students as well.  ImagineR lets your students doctor their own photos and turn them into goofy images and fun cartoons. DoodleR gives students the chance to create their own artwork to add to cartoons or to illustrate other projects.


TraitR lets students create their own cartoon characters.  With Completoons, students can add their own captions to historical photos and other personal images or pictures they find on the web.

You can choose to use the free version of ToonDoo or sign up for ToonDoo Spaces, a private virtual environment for your students to work in.  Whichever you choose, your creative students will be hooked on all of the features ToonDoo has to offer.