Top 10 Technology Hardware of 2013

Top 10 of 2013

2013 brought all sorts of cool gadgets, many of which are starting to show up in classrooms and even on teacher’s wrists!

Not limiting to just devices used in education, let’s take a quick look at the top technology hardware from 2013. Don’t be surprised if the #1 choice starts showing up in a classroom near you!

Let’s get started!


10. Nokia Lumia 1020


Lumia 1020 is no longer a mobile phone with camera function, and a camera with phone function. With the 41 MP camera, you can capture the details you’ve never seen before.


9. Leap Motion Controller

This $ 80 worth USB accessory shows future trends in human-computer interaction. When it’s connected to a computer, you can play games by shaking your hands and watch the New York Times. This technology also begins to feature on a laptop, and the first product HP Envy17 Leap Motion will be available in the near future.

8. Nest Protect

Silicon Valley start-up company Nest Lap focused on the manufacture of extraordinary ordinary household items. New product Nest Protect is a $ 130 priced smoke alarm detector. Protect doesn’t issue unacceptable piercing scream when alarm, but let a woman tell you in calm voice that ” The House is with carbon monoxide”. If it regards your cooking fumes as fire wrongly, you can keep it quiet by shaking your arm.

7. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

The third-generation Kindle Fire tablet is the first product that really pleasures the users since Amazon release tablets. As usual, the Amazon displays the premium contents on a number of platforms including videos, music, secretary and game to the users with the simplest way. In addition, their original artificial technology support platform Mayday also makes an impression. When users are in trouble, Amazon’s service personnel can have real-time video call with the user, and remote control the user’s tablet PC to solve problems for users. Need laptop accessories, just click here for review

6. Microsoft Xbox One


Although Microsoft defines the new Xbox One as a game console, its ambitions don’t stop there. The built-in Skype integrates cable and satellite TV box, as well as the continuation of the Windows 8 UI, these updates allow Xbox One to become a true living room PC terminal. Of course, the most fascinating new technology is the built-in Kinect sensors. It can understand voice commands, recognize faces, and even measure your heart rate.

5. Apple iPhone 5s


The iPhone with S is usually the model which has made small-scal improvement on the previous year model. But this year’s iPhone5s has the functions which the two other iPhone and Android phones have never had. It allows users to unlock the phone’s Touch ID sensor through fingerprints. And it can provide users with more sophisticated dual LED flash light in different shooting scenes.

4. Pebble Smartwatch

People speculation on smart watch to challenge the smartphone or tablet PC in the future is continuing. But Pebble is a good start. The $ 150 watch can be used as “satellite” to iPhone and Android phones. It receives SMS alert via Bluetooth, and then displays them on the very energy-efficient E-Ink screen. Third-party developers can write a variety of programs including games and user behavior recorder. And also it can tell you the time.

3. Oculus Rift Development Kit

Now, the $ 300 Oculus Rift is just for game developers. But once you start using this virtual reality equipment, you will be fascinated by it, and will be looking forward to the listing of the 2014 ordinary user version. Via PC or Android devices, the Rift can make the game 3D environment reality. You can even look back to see the lurking enemies. If the game can play the Rift’s full potential, then it will be a new era milestone.

2. Apple’s new iPad


Do you want a powerful computing capability iPad or a portable iPad? What about having both? The just one pound weight 9.7-inch iPad Air is much more slender than the previous generation products. At the same time, the 7.9-inch Retina screen iPad mini also has the same processing capability with the full-size iPad. With the APP Store 475000 apps designed specifically for iPad, the two iPads are the best tablets that you can buy.

1. Google Chromecast

After the failure of Google TV, Google no longer tries to do all things. This $ 35 thumb-sized device can only do one thing, which is to insert it into the TV’s HDMI slot, a variety of contents on mobile devices can be played on the large screens. It’s just that simple. Many companies have tried to implement this feature, but only Chromecast is the first product to get it done right.

What are your choices?