Trello – Collaborative Projects

Trello is a tool for organizing collaborative projects. Once you create an account on Trello, you have the ability to create boards, lists and cards to organize your projects.  A board represents your overall project and you can have multiple boards at one time. A list represents a stage of a project such as ideas, goals, completed tasks or different people involved with a project.  Cards make up the items on the lists and may be moved from list to list. For group projects, add people to your board and allow them to create updates to the board as well.

Trello - Teach Amazing

Trello in Education

As an educator, you likely have a lot on your plate. A tool like Trello can help you stay organized. Create boards to represent unit plans or outline the standards you need to cover.  Use a board to collaborate with other members of your department or your grade-level when it comes to planning units. Set your educational goals using Trello and give your principal or another supervisor access to your board.

Schools frequently develop initiatives and work to meet goals.  Create a public board through Trello to share those goals with parents and other stakeholders. Regularly update the board as you make progress toward those goals, such as implementing a new reading program or receiving a grant you applied for.  Should your school be audited or reviewed for accreditation, your public boards on Trello will serve as evidence of the great things your school is doing.