Tubechop – Crop YouTube Videos

If you’re a tech-savvy teacher, you probably regularly use videos from YouTube and other video-sharing websites as part of your teaching.  Often you end up showing students the whole video even though the information you really want students to see is in the middle or near the end of the video.  Instead of wasting time playing the whole video or scrolling through the video to find the exact moment you need, save time with TubeChop.


TubeChop allows you to take virtually any YouTube video and chop it so it contains only the section you need.  The tool works like a simple video cropping tool.  Enter the URL for the video, drag the bar to designate the start and stop times and hit the “chop it” button.  You may also enter text to describe the clip.  The finished clip is assigned its own URL and may be played there or embedded onto a blog or website.  Best of all, you will save valuable classroom time by playing on the information you want students to see and avoid distracting them with the rest of the video.