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TutpupTutpup is a fun site for math and spelling practice. The feature that engages students is the competitive aspect. Once you join a game, you are matched with students from around the world. This simple feature adds a whole new experience. I was experimenting with the site and, even as an adult, my competitive nature came out. I thought, “I am totally going to win this!” (even though my opposition was probably a 7 year old in Australia).

For now, Tutpup is free so definitely give it a try. I plan to use it with my own children.

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Colleen Young 16-08-2012, 11:49

Tutpup is fun, Manga High also have a free multiplayer game. I have linked to a page on one of my blogs with details. (Lots of other Maths games there too.

Nicole 23-05-2014, 22:58

The tutpup website has been replaced….. BY THE USELESS MOSHI MONSTERS

tusiga 29-07-2014, 22:20

why i the tutpup is not on it any more

blop 04-08-2014, 02:14

i dont of the know

BitchBoy 18-08-2014, 21:33

Who are you and what sort of life do people live playing stupid games like this with some strangers

thankyou for your time

BitchBoy 18-08-2014, 21:36

Ay who da new boy


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