Wallwisher – Super Easy Online Collaboration

You may remember passing a bulletin board in a supermarket full of classified ads, flyers and all sorts of information.  Maybe you looked at a similar board in college to view a test grade, find a ride home or learn about events happening on campus.  Wallwisher offers the same concept, but digitally.

Wallwisher - Teach Amazing! - Tips and Tricks for teachers.

Creating a digital wall with Wallwisher is easy because it does not require registration.  Simply click on “build a wall,” customize the URL and set the colors.  Then, voila!  You have a place online to share information with others.  Use Wallwisher in your classroom to remind students about project deadlines or homework assignments. Create a school wall and update it with important information for parents and people in the community.  Designate a wall for use between teachers and administrators.  Rather than sending tons of e-mails, post schedule changes, events and important meetings or other information directly to the wall.

With Wallwisher, teachers, students and parents will always be up-to-date.  Instead of checking multiple e-mail accounts, going through the tedious process of logging into and finding threads on discussion boards and copying information to a complicated website, they can type in the address for the wall and immediately know what’s going on.