Wavii – News Feed Creator

Wavii is a news feed receiving tool. The application uses a feed similar to a Facebook’s friends feed to help you track relevant news stories related to the topics you choose to follow. After connecting to Wavii through your Facebook account, you choose the topics you want to follow.  Topics are generated randomly and through the interests you have identified on your Facebook profile. Once you have identified the topics you want to follow, feeds are generated, with a separate page for each topic.  You can then browse the feed and choose whether to like or dislike the items you see, click on individual items to read more and start conversations about items.

wavii - Teach Amazing

Wavii in the Classroom

Wavii helps keep students and teachers updated with the latest news. Have students create their own Wavii accounts and use their feeds to come up with topics for research papers or other writing assignments. Ask students to follow topics related to your curriculum, such as Abraham Lincoln in a history class or To Kill a Mockingbird in an English class. Have students start conversations with one another on the latest news related to classroom topics.

In addition to using Wavii to keep your students informed, use it to keep yourself informed.  Follow education-related topics to keep up with the latest news and innovations in your field.  Get to know your students by following topics they like and become the “cool” teacher as you casually bring up the news in class.