Web 2.0 in the Classroom – Part 4

Discover the Best Web 2.0 Sites for Education

Hopefully you have read the other three posts on web 2.0 in the classroom. Now, let’s take a look at a long list of good sites. Yes, there are many more out there but this will get you started. In other posts in this series from the education blog Teach Amazing, we’ll look at specific ways to use certain web 2.0 sites.

Enough talk; let’s get to the list!

Below you will find a large number of web 2.0 websites in alphabetical order. Have fun exploring as many as you can!

Web 2.0 in the Classroom – Suggested Sites

Add Letters Similar to Says-It, this website let’s you add you own text to images to create custom signs.
AnswerGarden AnswerGarden is a really simple way to get student feedback. Similar to an online poll.
Aviary Aviary is arguably one of the best web 2.0 websites for schools and features an education only section. It has powerful image editing, graphic design and audio editing apps great for project-based learning.
Be Funky This is an excellent web 2.0 image editing website with lots of fun image effects.
Big Huge Labs Big Huge Labs is a large collection of image editing apps great for quick classroom projects.
BigTent BigTent is a free site where you can easily build an online community for free.
BlockPosters Blockposters is an easy way to blow up an image to poster size.
Bubbl.us Bubbl.us is one of the easiest brainstorming websites and has a very kid-friendly user interface.
Bubblesnaps This is a really fun site that your students will love. Add animated speech bubble to images for a whole new approach to digital storytelling.
Cameroid Use your webcam to take a picture and then make a fun photo creation with the image.
Clevr You can create amazing interactive panoramas with this web tool. Snap pictures, stitch them together and add hotspots.
CollaborizeClassroom Extend your classroom to an online environment with CollaborizeClassroom.
Cosketch Cosketch is a simple to use, online collaborative whiteboard.
Cosketch Providing an online whiteboard, Cosketch is a nice, simple collaboration tool.
Crocodoc CrocDoc is a tool for viewing and annotating documents online. It works great for reviewing student work.
Dumpr Fun and easy, Dumpr provides a way to add effects to your images and then share.
Edistorm Edistorm is an excellent thought organization website that features virtual sticky notes.
Edmodo Edmodo is a secure social noetworking site designed for education.
Empressr Empressr is site to create multimedia presentations from your images, audio and video and share with anyone.
FlauntR A great web tool for the classroom, FlauntR has a complete image editing and composition suite.
Flickr One of the most recognizable web 2.0 websites, Flickr is great for uploading, organizing and sharing class pictures.
FlipSnack Flipsnack turns your PDF documents into cool virtual books with flipping pages.
FormatPixel FormatPixal is an online publication creator.
Fotoflexer This is an excellent online image editing suite with lots of fun tools. It’s easy to use and great for student creations.
Glogster Edu Your students will love creating digital posters with Glogster Edu.
GoAnimate4Schools GoAnimate4Schools is a blast to use for digital storytelling projects and students love it.
Google docs Google docs is one of the most popular online office application suites.
Grouply Grouply is another excellent free social network site.
Imagechef You can create several different image projects on this website. A favorite tool for the classroom is the word mosaic tool.
Justpaste.it This site provides a super easy way to share and edit text.
Letterpop Create awesome newsletters and presentations with Letterpop.
Linoit Instead of traditional concept mapping, try using an online bulletin board such as Linoit.
MuseumBox This is a cool site for multimedia projects with a unique layout.
Mutapic Are you an art teacher? If so you will love playing with Mutapic. You can blend two images with infinite possibilities. Check out the gallery for inspiration.
MyBrainShark Upload PowerPoint presentations, video clips and audio to create online presentations.
Photobucket Similar to Flickr, Photobucket is a good choice for uploading and sharing images.
Photoshow Photoshow by Roxio provides an easy way to combine photos, images and music into an online presentation.
Photovisi This is a really cool website to easily change a collection of photos into a downloadable collage, great for creating a class picture page.
Picasa Picasa does have an installed application for editing images but also includes an online space for sharing images.
Picnik Yet another good website for online image editing and photo creations, Picnik is fun and easy for students to use.
Pixlr Pixlr is a powerful online image editor that also has a very uncomplicated version called Pixlr Express.
Popplet Poppler is an excellent brainstorming tool with easy to create thought bubbles
Prezi Prezi is a great way to foster creative presentations.
Says-It Use this site to make funny signs and images with your own text. Create a gas station marquee sign that says “Test tomorrow!” and post it on your classroom homepage.
Scrapblog Scrapblog is a website for creating cards, calendars and photobooks.
Scribd Scribd is a social publishing website where you can read and publish online content.
Slideboom This site let’s you load PowerPoints presentations and share them on the internet.
Slideshare Slideshare is a great website for sharing presentations, videos and documents.
Snapfish Snapfish offers one stop shopping with online albums and the ability to create cool digital photoalbums that can be shared electronically or ordered in print.
Splashup If you need a more powerful image editing tool, try Splashup. It gives a Photshop type interface and lots of tools for the power user. This is an excellent site for older students.
Spruz Spruz is an online community builder with lots of nice features.
Stixy Stixy is another online bulletin board on which you can add stickies, images, documents and even calendar dates.
Tabblo Tabblo by HP is an excellent digital storytelling and presentation tool where you can layout images and text in creative ways.
TagGalaxy If you want a different way to search for Flickr images this is the site for you. Enter a search term and watch the galaxy of images unfold.
ThinkFold ThinkFold is a collaborative environment with functionality way beyond TitanPad.
Titanpad TitanPad is a great site for real-time text collaboration.
Today’s Meet TodaysMeet is an easy to use microblogging site with no signup required.
Tuxpi A website with numerous photo effects and editing tools, Tuxpi is excellent for easy image projects.
Twiddla Twiddla is an online whiteboard and collaborative meeting site.
Twitter The original and most popular microblogging site is Twitter.
Ustream Create your on classroom broadcasts with Ustream.
Voicethread Voicethread is an amazing digital storytelling tool the incorporates almost any type of media.
Vuvox Vuvox is an excellent choice for digital projects where students create a linear digital collage including text and multimedia.
Wall.fm Wall.fm is a comletely free social networking creation site.
Wallwisher Wallwisher is an easy to use online stickynote website.
Web Poster WIzard This is a great tool for teachers. Create online posters and lesson plans and post them on the internet.
Webinpaint This is a bizarre web tool that allows you to remove unwanted parts of an image. Highlight the part you want to remove and the app does the rest.
Wix If you want to create a really cool classroom website, try Wix.
Yogile This is a very easy photo sharing website with the ability to password protect your albums.
Youblisher This website will turn your PDF documents in to virtual books with flipping pages.


Web 2.0 in the Classroom - From the education blog Teach Amazing


That was a huge list to get you started with web 2.0 in the classroom! Make sure you take time to explore as many sites as possible. In the next posts, let’s take a more in depth look at several

selected websites.

What sites did we leave off? Please add a comment below and thanks for visiting the education blog Teach Amazing!