Wrike is a full-featured online project-management solution. If you’re tired of Microsoft® Project, give it a try.


Wrike says:

How do you know what your team is working on?
If you are managing project plans in emails, spreadsheets and disconnected files, you are buried in routine work and stay in the dark about the projects status. Imagine how much more successful you would become if you had the full insight into the business and could easily track your team’s collaborative work!

Thanks to Wrike’s patent-pending Intelligent Email Engine, thousands of teams have been able to merge their email communications into their planning process. With Wrike’s unique Flexible Structures at their hands, managers can easily coordinate every tiny detail of their projects. Thanks to Wrike’s handy Dynamic Timeline, managers have a real-time, clear picture of multiple projects.

Wrike gives you the full insight into your business.
You can easily see where your projects stand and what each of your team members is working on.

Supervision and coordination are a breeze with Wrike. It takes only seconds to create a task (via email), give feedback or reassign a task.

Thanks to Wrike’s Dynamic Timeline with dependencies and drag-and-drop support, you can schedule and update the plan in one click.

Wrike puts you in control of your projects. It lets you track project progress by receiving a daily digest email, tracking time spent on tasks and building real-time cross-project reports.