Wunderlist – Fantastic Productivity Apps

Try Wunderlist for a powerful, easy to use productivity tool with a wonderful user interface. Easily create to-do lists and arrange in categories (list names). You can share lists with others so collaborating on projects is a snap.

WunderlistWunderlist has an advantage over the competitors with excellent mobile apps. You can easy manage your to-dos across all of your devices…all with the same tasteful design.

A feature I really like is the ability to email tasks to Wunderlist. Simply send an email to me@wunderlist.com (make sure you send it from the email address you used when signing up for an account). The email subject corresponds to the list name and the email body will be the task. This works awesome when you receive an email that requires action. Forward it to the Wunderlist email address and the task is now on your list.

Give it a try and post your ideas below.