Yacapaca – Quiz Creation Tool

Yacapaca is a tool for creating quizzes and surveys. To begin using this free tool, simply create an account and begin adding students. Then create your own quizzes or select quizzes from the selection of pre-created quizzes. You may assign quizzes and surveys to the entire class or individually assign materials to students. Material is organized by specific courses.  For example, a language arts teacher has access to courses on word roots, SAT vocabulary, To Kill a Mockingbird and many other specific topics. Yacapaca also provides a tool for creating e-portfolios. When students create an account, they can choose from multiple templates for their portfolios.

Yacapaca - Teach Amazing - Tips and Tricks to Teach Your Best

Yacapaca in the Classroom

Yacapaca can help reduce your workload by providing pre-created quizzes for students to take. Those quizzes are automatically graded as students take them. Students receive instant feedback on how well they performed on a quiz and explanations for the answers they missed. This saves time having to grade quizzes and go over the answers with students. Since Yacapaca automatically tracks students progress, you can instantly see student growth or address declines.

While the focus of Yacapaca is on quizzes, you can assign other tasks to students as well. Have them create an e-portfolio and track their progress on a longer assignment or analyze how their writing has improved throughout the year. Use the website creation feature as an alternative to traditional research papers or book reports.