Yodiz is a full-featured team management tool.


Yodiz says:

Of course Yodiz provides all the basics of great team management solution but it is the focus on user needs, rich user experience and simplicity that sets us apart from crowd.


To-Do for Developers
Everything that you are responsible of is visible in single place. With your very own personal priority list, organizing work was never so simple.

Team Pulse for Managers
Dashboard to track progress of project with ease. Graphs are linked to data, for example, with one click see which bugs Lisa has resolved.


Handy Backlog
Handy Backlog: Quick reorder with simple Drag n Drop. Add to sprints, view details and estimate points quickly and efficiently. Real time statistics for sprint progress.

Kanban Scrum Board
Scrum Board is efficient way to track sprint progress. You can quickly view how many tasks are being worked on and how many are left. Pictures help you identify who is working on what.

Dependency Tracking
Everybody faces problem that, there is no tracking of issues related to user stories or sprints. It can’t get simpler than this, link the issues to user stories with single click and track progress automatically.

Recent Activities

Yodiz makes it easy to securely access and share important business information with your Team. You control which Projects are shared with your Members and Connections and you will be notified of each user’s activity.


Simply Collaborative
Get rid of long email threads, bring your discussion through comments to keep whole team up-to-date. Whole team gets real time notifications.

Instant Discovery

Track day by day progress, where you are failing, how your team is fixing issues and what’s the trend.


Create as many custom fields as you want. Define the validation rules as per your needs. This gives extreme flexibility to accommodate any kind of team needs.

Powerful Reports

Extensive reports to track progress instantly. Graphs are linked to data, so click anywhere on the graph and it will bring relevant data instantly in front of you.