Zeeik is a tool for remixing videos on the web.


Zeeik says:

Zeeik.com has created a new way to reuse online videos to make and share video-only-consisted information, video Wikipedia; after disassembling videos by scenes or targeted parts, users can reassemble them to create a meaningful video group, a zeeik. All information is generated by users’ collaborative efforts.

Zeeik, A Video Carrier:

Zeeik is also a name of a video information transfer carrier in which online videos are organized under a title and subtopics. Each zeeik is like a box that the users can store online videos in . You can group videos in your own ways through a zeeik and share it easily.

How it works?

  • Q&A way: Users collaboratively make zeeiks in request-and-replay manner.
  • Request: If you want to make a zeeik, request one.
  • Reply: You can put (contribute) videos into the zeeik when you find good videos online.
  • Publish: If you think your zeeik is developed enough to debut in the web, you can publish it, and it will become searchable online.
  • Follow: You can follow any zeeik. This follow function enables you to get an update notice anytime so that you can always get updated video information of the zeeiks you are following.
  • Embed: Zeeik itself could be a textbook, manual, news, music album, or anything you can imagine. It is a wiki. You can embed any zeeik anywhere in the web for your own needs.