ZooWhiz – Engaging Web 2.0 Learning Tool


ZooWhiz www.zoowhiz.com gives teachers and parents the tools to identify and respond to each child’s learning needs. It draws its educational content from a bank of over 17,000 carefully-crafted, finely-incremented learning activities covering math, punctuation, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, phonics and reading for kids aged 5 to 15.


Kids today expect their world to be connected through the Internet. With ZooWhiz.com the work they do at home is all consolidated into the same set of results that are instantly available to them, their teachers and their parents.

ZooWhiz.com uses high quality digital art and animations to harnesses kids’ love of animals and games to create a highly motivational environment that recognises that each child’s learning needs are different. Even the activities themselves have humorous twists and engaging content to keep children on task! The extraordinary, multi-faceted range of educational activities and rewards in ZooWhiz.com ensures its educational and motivational appeal. The very design of ZooWhiz.com is focused on rewarding kids and reinforcing their learning. Kids just keep coming back again and again to ZooWhiz!